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Silicone-derived emollients – These ingredients are neither toxic nor harmful. We just do not feel these ingredients are necessary for our products when there are better alternatives.

Talc – Many color cosmetics (foundations, powders, shadows, eye makeups etc.) contain this ingredient. We provide official documents proving our cosmetics containing talc are asbestos free. Asbestos free talc is generally considered to be safe in cosmetics. The issue is, companies do not provide an official document and there is no way for consumers to find out. Asbestos is linked to respiratory toxicity and cancers.

PEG compounds and Polysorbate 20 – 1,4-dioxane does not appear on labels. Products containing PEG compounds and SLS may contain 1,4-dioxane, which is a byproduct of a process called ethoxylation and is a well known carcinogens.

There are ingredients with excellent EWG ratings (EWG 1-2) that are under our blacklist. These ingredients cause frequent allergic reactions to many consumers reportedly. Natural and organic ingredients are greener and safer for sure, but they have higher frequency of causing adverse reactions to the skin. At Iris & Orchid, we’ve strived to ensure the safety of our products especially to our customers with sensitive skins. For this reason, we do have extensive list of blacklist we choose to avoid for our products.

In rare occasions when we use any of the ingredients listed above, we will clearly make a note on the product page.

Each individual may react differently to the same ingredient. The best practice is for you to learn about your skin and find out which ingredients work wonders for your skin and which ones are troublesome.

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