Why Iris & Orchid?

One day at the airport…

I saw a woman at the airport duty free one day.

She picked up a bottle of natural serum, studied the bottle and ingredients for a while and then put it back down.

There was a slight pause before she picked it up again, glancing at the bottle. Those few seconds felt longer, but she put it back down and walked away.

I knew that woman.

That was me.

My name is Hanna, founder of Iris & Orchid.

That little bottle of natural serum cost $70. That is not a price most people can afford to pay regularly.

Although natural products are great, I found the problem with clean and natural products to be:

very expensive

weaker in performance compared to synthetic and harsher chemical alternatives

Because of that frustration, we created Iris & Orchid, where we marry quality with performance and value.

We believe that clean personal and skincare products should work great without the need for harsh chemicals and being overpriced.

This is why it takes us 5x longer to develop a product than competitors. We don’t sacrifice performance just to offer a natural product.

Try our products and see why customers love us.

with joy,


Founder of Iris&Orchid

We believe in self-care products without sacrificing quality, performance or value.

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Our promise to you

mild gentle no irritation face wash
ph balanced face wash

No compromise on ingredients – 100% committed to clean, safe and honest ingredients only.

pH Balanced System: Skin with a pH below 5.0 is healthier, more hydrated and has a stronger barrier function. 99% of Iris & Orchid products range from pH 4.7 to 5.0.

Value You Can Trust: We fill the gap of superb natural products and value you can trust.

Transparency: With you, with others, with product quality


Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Jam packed with quality ingredients


Fall in love with our natural products or your money back

We like to keep it simple.

Fall in love with it within 30 days or you can get a refund.*

No questions asked.

*Minus shipping & handling, when applicable.

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