What Is the Best Facial Cleanser for the Most Common Problematic Skin Type?

What are the different skin types & how are they treated?

There are 5 skin types for humans.

  • normal
  • dry
  • oily
  • combination
  • and sensitive

The most problem-prone skin types are dry, oily & sensitive.

And of course, if you have a combination of oily + sensitive or dry + sensitive then you’ve just multiplied your skin problem.

I’ll get to why people with combination skin types are the hardest to treat, how to know if you have that skin type, and how to treat your skin if you are.

Let’s get into problems and treatment of the obvious problematic skin types right away.

Problem with dry skin

Skin darkening is a problem for people with dry skin.

Dry skin is itchy and people tend to scratch it subconsciously. Because of this, people with dry skin are prone to dark patches.

It’s the type where you have uneven skin color that you need to cover up with makeup and fix with whitening solutions.

It’s hard to have a dry skin type. It’s even harder if it’s not treated right away.

You can get rid of dry skin. But you have to be careful and use only gentle beauty products.

How to treat dry skin

First thing you need to know is whether or not you have a thyroid problem. You’ll know immediately if you have parents or siblings with a history of thyroid problem.

The best way to know is to consult a doctor. If you have any suspicion about this then see a dermatologist.

Dry skin needs to be moisturized plain and simple. It’s not about lack of water in the skin so just washing your face with water is ineffective.

You can decrease bathing frequency when you can to control skin dryness. Showers are better anyway so no big loss.

But here’s what you really need.

You need powerful essence that will help moisturize your face. The best Korean natural sheet mask will help hydrate your dry skin.

You can also use the best natural facial cleanser for dry skin to complement the sheet mask.

You need a gentle and foamy facial wash to help get rid of any harmful germs and chemicals from your face.

Problem with oily skin

Oily skin can lead to pimple breakouts but it can be treated with light exfoliation. Drying out your skin with chemicals like benzoyl peroxide is not the way to go.

If your skin’s natural state is oily, drying it out will only make it work harder to produce more oil. More oil production leads to trapped dead skins in your pores, and well, it’ll clog your pores.

The biggest factor to oily skin is heredetary predisposition.

So many people with oily skin are prone to pimple breakouts. And yes, some people do have a harder time controlling breakouts than others.

Fight all you want but if you’re born that way then that’s out of your control because you can’t choose genetics yet.

Food to help control oily skin

So let’s focus on what all of us have control over.

The food that you put inside your body is a big factor. But please consult a nutritionist before starting some diet.

The following food will help control oily skin, acne breakouts & pimples.

1. Omega 3

Omega 3 intake will help control excessive oil production of skin.

It can be found mostly in nuts, canned tuna & tomato sauce. There are also Omega 3 supplements you can buy over-the-counter.

2. Fruits & veggies

Fruits & veggies are always great for the body and not just help control excessive oil production. Since fruits and veggies help optimize digestion it seems to also help lessen oil production.

Some people are comfortable eating them raw which makes them even more potent. Just make sure you’re eating the chemical free stuff if ever.

In any case, instead of artificially drying out your skin you can instead improve the natural moisture of your skin and not fight its natural oil production.

3. Naturally hydrating food

Coconut water, cucumber & avocado are natural skin moisturizers. In fact, avocado and cucumber can be put directly on your face.

4. Vitamin C rich fruits & vegetables

Few people know that Vitamin C has detoxifying properties that help eject excessive oil from the skin. You can eat oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and even broccoli to get your fill of vitamin C.

There are vitamin C supplements but it’s just a treat to eat/drink oranges & lemon regularly.

How to treat oily skin

Now, if you really have one of the worst cases of pimple breakouts in the world then this is where a consultation with your doctor/dermatologist should help greatly.

Less than something like that, you can exfoliate your skin after you treat it with a hydrating sheet mask then wash your face with the best natural facial cleanser for acne prone skin you can buy.

This will help get rid of clogs and keep your skin clean and bacteria free. This will help reduce and even keep pimples at bay for most people.

Problem with sensitive skin

You have sensitive skin if your skin is easily irritated.

Irritation leads to dryness and itchiness aside from the unsightly redness and varying degrees of painful sensations.

There are problems like psoriasis, eczema or even skin allergy that can make your skin react more than that of a normal person’s skin. The best decision should always be to see a dermatologist if you think your skin is being too reactive.

How to test your skin’s reaction to beauty products

It’s also an age-old rule of thumb to test any beauty product before putting it on your face.

  1. Put a few drops (or smear makeup) of the product on the back of your hand
  2. Let it seep into your skin for a few minutes
  3. See how your skin reacts

Don’t put the stuff on your face if the back of your hand experiences redness, itchiness or any forms of pain. Don’t ignore trivial painful like tingling or stinging sensations because this will be worse if it’s on your face.

How to treat sensitive skin

You really need to be extra careful with the stuff that you put on your face if you have sensitive skin. This means choosing beauty products that are dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic & natural.

This time you don’t need to focus on exfoliating sensitive skin. Over-exfoliation of sensitive skin is actually more harmful because it removes the natural protection of the skin.

Over-washing is also not advised for people with sensitive skin. But you can wash your skin daily with a gentle natural foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin.

Beauty soap wash that has sulfates, alcohol and artificial fragrances will really harm your skin.

Make sure to only use natural facial wash that’s really using natural ingredients only that is not just potent but also fragrance-free.

Why combination skin type can be more troublesome

The key to treating combination skin type is to know the EXACT combination YOU have.

Combination skin type can be harder to predict because you can treat it one way and some part of your skin will react another way.

And unlike other skin types, genetics may NOT be ALL the reason you have it. It’s more likely that you were using the wrong skin care products that aggravated the condition.

That’s the big reason why we need to avoid harsh and chemical laden beauty products. They literally harm your skin.

How to know if you have combination skin type

1. You can see that the pores in your nose are larger than the that on your cheeks.

2. Pimple breakouts but you have patches of dry skin.

3. When you check your t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and they are rougher than the rest of your skin. It means they’re producing more oil than the rest of your skin and they’re lumping more dead skin cells than usual.

So you see how moisturizing a skin that’s dry and oily at the same time can be difficult to deal with.

Skin diseases for combination skin types

Calling them diseases is a little over-the-top but it’s descriptive and they’re really not as bad as they sound.

1. seborrheic dermatitis

Some people will really need to see a dermatologist to treat this. You can easily mistake this for dry skin but this one is a fungal infection and you need anti-fungal medicine to fix.

2. dandruff

Don’t be alarmed. Dandruff doesn’t necessarily mean you have a combination skin type. But just be mindful because most people with combination skin type also have dandruff.

How to treat combination skin types

You need to treat the different part of your skins differently. There is no silver bullet.

For example, you need to be aware where is the dry part of your skin and the oily part of your skin and treat them both accordingly.

So if you have a combination of oily and dry skin, you need to moisturize only the part where it’s dry. Because moisturizing the oily parts of your skin will make it oilier.

The oily part should be treated with oil absorbing materials.

The most important thing to remember about this is that you have to use products with natural, high-grade & honest ingredients. Doing so will ensure that you are not making things worse.

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